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William Blount & Associates Blog: business insurance

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A limited liability company, or LLC, is a business that protects its owners, members and itself from certain legal liabilities. Think of it as a merger between a partnership and a corporation; it possesses a pass-through tax status like a partnership, yet offers limited-liability protection l... READ MORE >>

Purchase valve tags from commercial sign companies, or make your own from luggage or package tags available at office supply, organizational or travel READ MORE >>

 Good planning assures construction site security. Equipment and material theft is a major source of loss for contractors. While insurance may offset some of the financial costs, many uninsured costs – deductibles, replacing depr... READ MORE >>

In the property insurance market, the correct cost to insure your home or commercial building can be a figure that is very allusive to the property owner. What's important to remember is that the cost to replace it is not equivalent to its real estate value. READ MORE >>

Safer Knoxville Restaurants Don't Happen by Accident Risk management is the name of our game and we want to provide all Tennessee restaurants with the proper tools to keep them safe in the kitchen. That will also help keep their insurance costs down! READ MORE >>

Since October is Cyber Security Awareness month, we wanted to take a minute to share these tips with you! READ MORE >>

Lawsuits were once a measure of last resort, are now the starting point when settling disputes. The good news is that you can protect your business by having a professional liability coverage, also known as errors and omissions or E&O insurance. READ MORE >>

If you operate a business from your home, do business inside and outside your home or visit clients at their homes, you probably need additional insurance protection above and beyond what your standard home insurance policy will offer you. READ MORE >>

You’re ready to start your own business, and you’re taking steps to make it a reality. There are so many decisions to make: determining your vision, identifying your customer base, creating a marketing plan. Another important decision you may not think about at first is purchasing the right insurance to protect your new venture. READ MORE >>

Life is uncertain and full of surprises. But there are ways to plan ahead and prepare for unexpected events. Risk management is a process of identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing risks with the goal of reducing or avoiding harm or business loss. Risks come in all shapes and sizes and may include: READ MORE >>

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